Plastic Membership Cards

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Printed on durable 30mil plastic with vibrant full-color printing, these cards are built to last and impress.

Imagine: Your brand logo and membership details showcased in stunning detail, protected by a scratch-resistant finish. These aren't just membership cards; they're badges of pride, loyalty tokens, and exclusive access keys all rolled into one.

Customize your cards to perfectly reflect your brand and offer an exceptional member experience:

  • Embossed numbering: Add a touch of elegance and security with raised, tactile numbers.
  • Barcodes: Streamline access and data management with integrated barcodes.
  • Sequential numbering: Keep track of membership order easily with numbered cards.
  • Foil stamping: Elevate your design with dazzling gold, silver, or custom foil accents.
  • Spot UV: Highlight specific elements or logos with a glossy, dimensional effect.
  • Magnetic strips: Enable secure access control and payment options.
  • Silk matte lamination: Add a touch of soft, luxurious texture.
  • Signature panels: Provide dedicated space for member signatures.

More than just identification, these premium plastic cards are:

  • Brand ambassadors: Reinforce your brand image and values with every interaction.
  • Member appreciation tokens: Show your loyalty and commitment to your valued members.
  • Conversation starters: Spark engaging interactions with a unique and eye-catching card design.
  • Membership boosters: Enhance member satisfaction and loyalty with a premium membership experience.

Invest in the power of premium plastic cards and watch your membership program soar.



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