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Make Your Mark with Foil Stamped Business Cards

What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is a premium printing process that uses heat, pressure, and metallic or pigmented foil to create shiny, eye-catching designs and text. This technique adds a luxurious touch to business cards, making them stand out with a metallic brilliance available in various colors.

Introducing Our Premium Foil Stamped Business Cards

Our foil stamped business cards are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous precision, they merge traditional printing charm with modern luxury, leaving a lasting impression. Made using top-tier materials, including durable cardstock, the foil stamping process enhances your cards with a stunning look in various colors such as black, red, white, gold, silver, rose gold, matte silver, matte gold, blue, copper, orange, green, and pink to match your brand.

Features and Options

  • Foil Stamping: Adds metallic brilliance for a sophisticated look.
  • Embossing: Raises parts of the card to create a 3D effect.
  • Die Cutting: Allows for custom shapes and designs.
  • Spot UV and Raised Spot UV: Adds gloss and texture to specific areas.
  • Colored Edges and Foil Edges: Enhance the card's sides for a unique finish.

High-Quality Stocks

Choose from our luxurious stocks:

  • 16pt, 32pt, and 48pt for varying thickness and durability.
  • Cotton, Silk, Suede, Uncoated, and other high-end options for an exquisite feel.

Durability and Sophistication

Our cards are designed to withstand time, resisting scratches and fading. They are perfect for making a splash at any event or meeting, reflecting your brand's uniqueness and sophistication.

Easy Customization

Customize your cards effortlessly with options for foil color and texture. Ordering is simple – upload your design or collaborate with our skilled graphic designers. Say goodbye to boring business cards and hello to a touch of sparkle and sophistication with our foil stamped wonders!

Elevate Your Professional Image

Trust printshaQ to create unforgettable business cards near you. Combining timeless appeal and unmatched craftsmanship, our foil stamped business cards will elevate your professional image and leave a lasting impression.





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