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Bright Silver Metallic Roll Label

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Only supports images and a few others. Maximum file size: 512 MB
Only supports images and a few others. Maximum file size: 512 MB


 Product Description


1. What stocks are available?   
We offer these different stocks:


 - White = White BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)

White BOPP is made of Glossy White Polypropylene with a permanent adhesive that sticks well to a variety of surfaces. White BOPP is oil and water resistant but we only recommend it for indoor use.



- Clear = Clear BOPP - Clear BOPP is made of Glossy Clear Polypropylene with a permanent adhesive that sticks well to a variety of surfaces. BOPP is oil and water resistant but we only recommend it for indoor use. We offer white ink as a 5th color on these. Please see our FAQ section for details on how to set up your order prior to uploading


Semi-Gloss Paper is a more budget friendly solution without sacrificing on quality. Semi-Gloss Paper stock has a permanent adhesive that sticks well to a variety of surfaces. It is not resistant to oil or water and is for indoor use only.


Bright Metallic Silver Roll Label comes standard in a 2mil thickness. Offering excellent tear strength and opacity, these mirror-like labels are heat and chemical resistant so they're suitable for application on a variety of surfaces.


70# Eggshell Felt features a distinct texture, high opacity and excellent ink holdout. This facestock also contains 30% post consumer waste content making it an excellent choice for eco-friendly applications. It is manufactured with wet strength properties to increase performance in moist environments.


2. What’s the core size and outer diameter?

All of our Roll Labels have a 3" core and an outer diameter of up to 6".


3. What shapes are offered? Are custom shapes available?

Our Roll Labels come in the following shapes: Oval, Circle, Square (Round Corners standard) and Rectangle (Round Corners standard). Yes, Custom shapes are available.


4. Will my dispenser work with your Roll Labels?

 All of our Roll Labels have a 3" core and an outer diameter of up to 6".

 This will fit most hand-applied dispensers -- please check the specifications of the dispenser prior to purchase if you’ll be using our Roll Labels with any other dispenser.


5. Will the print quality of my Roll Labels be comparable to that of offset?
Our Roll Labels are very high quality but the print may not be as sharp as it is with Offset -- you may lose some quality, particularly with images. Try to keep all images above 300 dpi.


6. What does the unwind direction refer to?


The Unwind Direction is simply the direction in which a label unwinds from a roll.





7. How do I set up my Roll Label file and what are the bleed requirements?
Please download ourRoll Label Templates. The bleed and safety line measurements are different to other products so we highly recommend using them. Total bleed is .1875 out from the cut line and total safety is .1875 inside the cut line

Please ensure that the size of your artwork is the same size as the roll label that you are ordering and that it includes the correct amount of bleed. If your uploaded artwork is smaller than the required size it will not print correctly.


8. How do I set up and create Bright Metallic Silver or Clear Roll Label with white ink?       

With Clear Labels, you have the option to use white ink as your base color so your prints can be opaque in some areas and transparent in others. With Bright Metallic Silver, white ink will hide the foil material to make solid colors.

Similar to Spot UV masks, White Mask files are separate from your artwork files and Black color indicates where the white ink will print

Make sure to create your mask file the same size as your color art file. This will prevent alignment issues during printing

***Note: White Masks must be made in vector form as shapes and be saved as EPS or PDF

Use vector paths/shapes to create black color areas that will indicate where the white ink base will go. The rest of the area will represent the Metallic or Transparent label stock.


Here is a sample of a printed clear label with white ink. First how the artwork and white mask files look like, then a printed piece from these files:








Here is a sample of a Bright Metallic Silver label with white ink. First how the artwork and white mask files look like, then a printed piece from these files:


9. Are Roll Labels safe for Food Packaging?
Our Roll Labels are suitable for use with food products only when an intervening layer of FDA approved food contact material is used. It is the responsibility of our customers or the end-user to ensure that use of the products conform to the relevant FDA regulations.


10. How thick are your stocks?
White BOPP & Clear BOPP: 2.3mil thickness

Semi-Gloss Roll Labels: 60lb weight

Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels: 2mil thickness

70# Eggshell Roll Labels: 70lb weight


11. Why do square and rectangle Roll Labels have rounded corners?
All square and rectangle shapes come with industry standard 1/8 inch rounded corners.


12. Are your Roll Labels recommended for both indoor and outdoor use?   

White & Clear BOPP stocks are oil and water resistant but are only recommended for indoor use.

Semi-Gloss stock is NOT oil and water resistant and is only recommended for indoor use.

Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels are durable and have a chemical resistant topcoat but because they're not oil and water resistant, they're only recommended for indoor use.

70# Eggshell Roll Labels are not oil and water resistant, however they are manufactured with wet strength properties to increase performance in cold/moist environments.











Black in the white mask file indicates where white ink will be printed. Remember the following when creating a white mask for your white ink base:

        • White ink base will be printed behind any color that’s in your Artwork Layer

        • Areas with color but without a White Mask will be printed with color directly on the material. This means Clear stock will have transparent color and Metallic stock will have Metallic color.

        • Areas with color and a White Mask will be printed as opaque or solid color.

        • Areas with a White Mask and no color will be printed as white.




13. Will a mask file be required?
If selecting our 5:0 option, a white mask will be required.


14. How do i set up my file to avoid registration issues?
When any CMYK colors overlap the white mask areas, we recommend adding a stroke that's between 1 and 2 pixels larger than the underlying white elements.

15. What’s the minimum font size recommended for use on Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels?
We recommend using an 8 point font or larger on all Bright Metallic Silver Roll Labels in order to avoid thin lines which could result in poor ink adhesion or registration.





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